Foxeer Micro Predator 4 FPV Camera

Foxeer Micro Predator 4 is the newest FPV camera from the Predator camera series.

It comes with all the goodness from its old model the Predator 3, in addition to a new fast mode switching technology that allows to quickly change modes between Day-Night-B&W-LED.
also, it has two options for the JST connectors, the old well known JST plug, and the new is a soldering pad for those who want to directly solder the wires on the camera board.

In addition to all Predator 3 futures, here are the new ones in this version :-

  • Multimode: Day-Night-B&W-LED.
  • More natural image.
  • Super-Wdr improvements.
  • Lower noise.
  • Modes quick switch.

Specs of the Foxeer Micro Predator 4:-

  • Resolution : 1000TVL
  • Lantency : min. 4ms
  • Ratio : 16:9/4:3 switchable
  • Input Voltage : DC5-40V
  • Image Flip : OFF/H-FLIP/V-FLIP/HV-FLIP
  • Color : Black, Red, Blue,Purple
  • Size: 18.6×19.0mm
  • Weight : 5.5g(excluding bracket)
  • Language : English/Deutsch/Fransais/Pyccknn/Portugues/Espanol/Chinese

4 different colors:-

The company claims low noise performance in night flying:-

Sizes of the Foxeer Predator 4:-

Our Conclusion :-

Foxeer is fighting back really well against Runcam, the improvements these two companies are doing to their cameras is only good for us (FPV pilots); the new Predator 4 has shown some updates but its not a massive improvement over the older version.

We’ll get our hands soon on the Predator v4 to test, do you want one 🙂 ?