Mateksys teases their first all-in-one ESC

Mateksys posted two new photos on their Instagram account page which looks like their very first production ESC; as the company is well known for the cheap, high-quality flight controllers and power distribution boards, the new ESC seems to be their first step into the speed controllers market.

We love mateksys quality control because we never had any issues with their products!
so we was very happy to know that they will start making electronic speed controllers, and their first ESC looks really interesting!!

It has an ARM STMF405 processor built on it! Hmmmm…what does it mean?
looks like Matek has developed a new ESC protocol using only TX/RX pads on the flight controller, only two wires will control all of connected motors (which are 4 in the Matek ESC).
also, these wires will carry telemetry information from the ESC to the flight controller which will be useful to get more information about the ESC temperature and more.
we don’t know the full specs of the ESC yet until they fully release it to the market, and we will be getting a bunch of these to try and review for sure.

here is a video showing the ESC working smooth.

it looks so good already!
the new ESC will be released by the end of this month.

what do you think about the new ESC? please let us know in the comments.