One year after releasing the Sky03 FPV Goggles, the company announces their latest two FPV Goggles; the Skyzone Sky02X & Sky02C; which are, however, looks like to be an updated version of the old and well known Sky02S V+.

In this previous review, Best FPV Goggles 2019, FPVradar picked the Sky03 as the best that you can get!
therefore we will compare its specs and futures side by side with the Sky02X & Sky02C below.

As you may notice that there’s no big difference between the three, except the Field of view [FOV] which is kinda disappointing in the new Goggles!

The company also add a fan switch to turn it on&off, These new models will be available with 7 colors. The Sky02C model will be slightly cheaper because it will not offer a 3D display & front Camera. The Sky02X and Sky02C are considered “low budget” models by Skyzone.

We will add these new goggles to the best fpv goggles once we try them.

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